Training Deaf Dogs

Topic: Training a deaf dog.


Terrie HaywardTerrie Hayward
has has written several behavior and training articles for Bark’s Magazine, Grooming Business, Deaf Dogs Rock, and KPA. She is the author of the pocket guide to working with deaf dogs titled, “A Deaf Dog Joins the Family, Training, Education, and Communication for a Smooth Transition, co-authored, “Grooming Without Stress: Safer, Quicker, Happier” and is excited about the the soon to be available training manual “your dog would want you to use” entitled, “Your 10 Minute a Day Dog.”
Terrie owns PAW, LLC and regularly travels the globe to hone her training skills with a diverse group of animals and people.

Terrie’s blog post (including videos) about how to get started working with a deaf dog:

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