Helping dogs acclimate to farm animals and horses.

Topic: Helping dogs acclimate to farm animals and horses.

Guests: Jane Jackson

Jane JacksonJane Jackson has had horses and dogs as family members all her life.  She began her transition to positive reinforcement training in 1999 under the influence of Alexandra Kurland and then completed the Karen Pryor Academy Certification Training Partner program in 2011. Jane’s training business (Bookends Farm and The Dog Chapter), is based in northern Vermont. In a rural area, she gets to keep her fingers in many pots: from riding lessons for children to working on more nuanced balance work with horses; and from helping puppies get started to training service dogs for veterans with PTSD. Behavior modification has become a passion she loves to learn more about, the most recent experience being spending five days with Ken Ramirez in his “Deep Dive” advanced training course.