Understanding Thresholds and Triggers

Topic: Understanding thresholds and triggers in dogs.

Guests: Rebekah Piedad

Rebekah Piedad grew up as an animal lover and succeeded in convincing her parents that they should have a wolf as a pet. She trained her Eastern Timber Wolf to sit and down and to perform a variety of silly pet tricks. Eventually, she moved to a little farmhouse in the middle of the country, and stray pit bulls kept showing up at her door. She found joy in helping them to become good family dogs and then finding them homes. She started her own business as a dog walker and pet sitter and simultaneously joined the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of Stanislaus County. She began getting referrals through clients and the HSUS for training jobs and so pursued a career in dog training, which led to acquiring certification through the Karen Pryor Academy. Since then, she’s worked with thousands of people and their pet dogs in all things pet related with emphasis on extreme behaviors, fear and aggression.