When is a dog behavior problem a medical problem?

Topic: When is a dog behavior problem a medical problem?

Guests: Michelle Borchardt

Synopsis: How do you know when aggressive or fearful behavior is a medical problem? What can you expect from seeking help from a Veterinary Behaviorist? Kat and Becca are joined by Michelle Borchardt, who takes us through medical behavior topics from anti-anxiety medication to what you can do to help your veterinarian determine an underlying cause for a problem behavior.

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Michelle BorchardtMichelle Borchardt is a native of Silicon Valley. She earned her Registered Veterinary Technician credential in 1993 and has since held various positions ranging from technician to manager in veterinary practices. Besides veterinary work, she has trained dogs, cats, hoofstock, avains, reptiles, and wild animals for film, print, and television in Southern California. Michelle is a “cross-over trainer” who left behind “balanced” training methods to forge ahead with Fear-Free, positive training. She is a Certified Fear-Free Professional and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. She works with the general public as a technician and trainer for the University of California Davis’ Behavior Service. Her “average” patients are animals suffering from conditions such as: fear, phobias, anxiety, aggression, repetitive disorders, and so on. When she’s not working with clients and patients, Michelle teaches veterinary students Learning Theory, Fear-Free restraint, and animal training skills. Michelle currently lives in the Sacramento area with her wife Jess, their Beagle McFly, and cat Tater-detonator.