Dogs at restaurants, teaching settle and chill

Topic: Dogs at restaurants, teaching settle and chill.

Guests: Michelle Mullins

Synopsis: Kat and Becca are joined by trainer Michelle Mullins to discuss all the skills needed for public restaurant outings. Taking dogs to outdoor cafes or restaurants requires dogs to settle under tables, which isn’t something we normally do at home. Cafe life also requires dog owners have some ability to protect their dog from overzealous dog greeters. Join us to learn all about Public Patio Skills.

Michelle Mullins

Michelle Mullins, CDBC, CPDT-KSA, KPA CTP is the owner and director of training at Honest To Dog in Richmond, Virginia where she offers private in-home pet training with a focus on clicker training, puppy training, Fear- Free training of pets for veterinary and grooming procedures, and behavior modification for dogs with fear, aggression and reactivity.

Michelle loves working closely with veterinary professionals to ensure her clients have a pet care team in their corner. Michelle is currently serving as the Vice President of the International Association of Animal Behavior
Consultants. She is a video content contributor to the Fear Free Animal Trainer Course and both a Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer and Level Two Professional as well as TAGTeach Level One Certified. Michelle is a guest lecturer at Ohio State University and the University of Tennessee as well as training and behavior conferences. She is a mentor for the IAABC Principles and Practice course.

Michelle’s animal training and behavior education includes Purdue University’s DOGS Course, University
of Richmond’s Canine Logic and Advanced Canine Logic courses, Ken Ramirez’s Professional Animal
Training Seminar, and hundreds of hours of seminars and workshops. Michelle believes continuing to
seek out advanced education in her field provides her clients, both human and canine, the highest
quality services available.