How to choose a dog from a shelter or rescue

Topic: How to choose a dog from a shelter or rescue.

Guests: Fran Menley

Synopsis: There are thousands of dogs available for adoption. Given all the choices, how do you make the decision which one to add to your family? Kat and Becca are joined by trainer Fran Menley to talk about selecting a dog from shelters and rescue organizations. Fran has traveled the country for the last 7 years choosing dogs for Service Dog work. Find out what she looks for in a shelter dog.

Fran MenleyFran Menley got her professional start in dog training at 17 years old, preparing, training and evaluating the young dogs for the competition ring with  a large show kennel near Houston, TX.   She studied Agri-Business at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, TX and a few years later she spent over 3 years as a veterinary lab tech and surgical assistant for a Veterinary practice in Houston.

In 2012 Fran was offered a job with Freedom Service Dogs of America (FSD) and she jumped at the chance to train service dogs for the mobility impaired and those with PTS.  As a trainer she also had to be involved with evaluating all the dogs she worked with as well as helping with choosing those dogs. In 2017 she became the Foundation Training Manager and Dog Intake Manger with FSD. For 2 years she traveled to shelters and rescues all over the country evaluating dogs that would be good service dog prospects.

Recently Fran again joined forces with Dawn Olson of Ken Caryl Pet and Distinctive Pet Care and in March 2019, Creating Forever Dogs was born. Fran and Dawn both have a passion for helping pet parents create healthy, happy homes with their canine family members. Fran helps start owners and their dogs or puppies start out on the right path to a long and fulfilled relationship as well as helping pet parents work through behavior issues their pet may already have